Press on

Last night I was meditating on “I press on” from Philippians 3:14.

I press on: through every distraction; through each temptation to be weary; through every thought that begins to wander into a futile dialogue.  No matter what the obstacle, we press on to press through.  We keep on going beyond what is trying to stop us.

A runner in a race looks forward, never allowing anything on the sidelines to distract.  One moment of breaking focus impedes progress.  We are to run with perseverance.  Beware of sideline issues, and goal defeaters.  Hebrews 10;36 says, “For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.”

Pressing on is a mentality, or mind set.  It is a way of thinking and processing that actively resists weariness and defeat.

2 thoughts on “Press on

  1. Hi, I really liked your thoughts on ‘Press on’ for today. Made me think of several things but one was the words to an old song about Life’s railway to Heaven’ (I think it is) “Keep you eye upon the rail”. A rail is a very narrow object, yet reaches far out in front of you—-I know, I used to walk them when I was a kid since I lived so close to them…:) We are fine here….Phil is fishing today with all the boys and I later will have lunch and go shopping with all the girls. Then we will all be together at church tomorrow and the tickets say we have to leave on Tues. In lots of ways, I am ready to come home, but always never feel I have had enough time with all the kids. My mind has done a lot of ‘roller-coastering’ while here, but keep on ‘pressing on’ as I drive my Brilliant RED VW Jetta! No key, just a push button for on and off. Will write more when we get back and settle in again. I do pray things are going o.k. for you and all that concerns you and that your dad is staying stable. Love you….me


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