Swirling Emotions

Lord my emotions are floating.  I don’t want to stuff them, nor do I dare dialogue with them.  I released them to you, but they keep coming back.  What do I do?

Worship through them.

O Lord, I feel so overcome, with emotions swirling around me.  I bow before You.  You alone know my heart.  I look to you.  You’re my Steady Rock.  It helps me center on Your unchanging grace.  I say: Lift up your eyes to the hills.  Where does your strength come from?  It comes from You Lord and only You.  Yes, Lord, You’re the Lifter of my head.  You uphold me, and sustain every breath.  I’ll keep my eyes on You until all else fades away.  One day I’ll see You face to face, and enter the marvel of Your eternal grace.

2 Corinthians 4:17-18

3 thoughts on “Swirling Emotions

  1. Great! When overwhelmed, sure, don’t dialog don’t stuff, but what? Who’d a thought, WORSHIP! God’s ways are so not our way.


  2. Great advice! I have found release when troubling or unwanted thoughts keep taking over my mind, I start praising the Lord – for Himself and for everything I can think of. And specially the ways He has led and provided for me in the past and so can be confident for the future. Knowing this, He is pleased with the sacrifice of Praise.


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