Weed Thoughts

Jeremiah 4:3 says, “…break up your fallow ground, and do not sow among thorns.”  We know what thorns do from Mark 4:19.  Thorns choke the word sown and make it unfruitful.  Thorns are the cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, and the desire for other things.
I thought about my vetch weed that is taking over my front bed.  I pulled some of it out, but it multiplied.  It is an invasive weed.
Weed thoughts choke our meditation and make it unfruitful.
it is true – I have to keep putting other thoughts out of my mind when I meditate…especially in the middle of the night.  I want to think about OTHER THINGS because I am awake.
As we keep sowing His word in our hearts through meditation, it will increase our fruits of righteousness.  Our thoughts will line up with His thoughts.

One thought on “Weed Thoughts

  1. Me again, I just remembered the ‘other’ ? I had after reading your Weed Thoughts for today. I had seen the ‘pretty purple’ flowers that were coming up on the left side of your driveway as you drive in and wanted to know what they were. I was walking a few days ago and was picking some wild flowers along the side of the road and there were plants like that so I picked some. Somehow I thought of vetch, but didn’t know if that was what it was or not. Strange you would mention it in your post. Guess I never called vetch a weed exactly, as my dad would plant it for cow feed. 🙂 So are we talking about the same plant ? 🙂 If weeds are lavender – I like them….ha ha. love me


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