Remembering The Cross

Here is a new song the Holy Spirit just gave me.  It is three stanzas (five lines to each)

Remembering The Cross

Remembering Your cross

When You willingly died for me

To cleanse me from sin

Offering forgiveness within

You set me free through the truth of Your love

O the wonder of such love

You enfold me in Your heart

You calm my fears

You remove my tears

You sustain and uphold

I abide in You

The marvel of Your words

They’re deeply embedded in my heart

We are united as one

All that I have is from You

Enraptured through whispered words

                                   August 18, 2015

3 thoughts on “Remembering The Cross

  1. Awesome inspiration. That should be put to music! The church could use more love songs dedicated to our Father.


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