His Interception

This morning I was driving to my doctor appointment in Anderson (1/2 hr. from my house) when my car smelled hot.  I saw the yellow “check” light and took the closest exit.  He intercepted my way to redirect me into His way.

I was talking to my tow truck driver about the fire on our road.  Near the end I told him that I totally believed that it was God who protected me, then asked if he knew Jesus.  He said that he didn’t and that he was an atheist.  He also said that when he died he would just die.  We were on my road with all the oak trees and beautiful sky.  I asked him how he thought they were all created.  He said “The big bang theory?”  When I asked him how he could believe in a hypothesis rather than fact, he couldn’t answer me.

I told him that I had written for our newspaper and one of the articles was in a tract form.  He agreed to read it.  So when he got me home I brought him my little tract “Absolute Truth.”  He said that he wanted to believe but he just didn’t.  I pointed to the magnetic sign on my garage door “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”  He said that he would be sure and read it.  His name is Tony if you want to pray for his salvation.

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