Honor to my father

I put this on my facebook, but wanted to share this with you also.

March 8 my dad will be 95. Yesterday he spoke at our rest home church service. He went through Psalm 107. When he got to the part about the waves (verses 23-30) he told about the ship he was on during the war. It was the largest American ship at that time. There were 11,000 troops aboard. He was in the bow. The storm was really bad. The ship would lift, lift up and up until it felt like it would go over backwards. Then it wound go down, and down until it felt like it would go to the bottom of the ocean. He said they were all so sick.

“He” is 19 times in this Psalm. He has them circled. Five times the same verse is repeated. “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

He was raised in a Christian home, but he didn’t accept the Lord until he was 19. One night, in his basement bedroom, he turned to the Lord. The next morning he went upstairs, picked up his Bible and started reading it. He said that his folks nearly fainted. Until then he wanted nothing to do with it. He said that he was hungry and thirsting after His Word. Then he said, “And I still hunger and thirst for His Word.” That is the testimony of my dad’s faithfulness to the Lord all these 75 years!!

The end of June, my dad went into the same rest home where my folks and my uncle and aunt started a Bible study many years ago. He is having the time of his life evangelizing. He goes around in his wheel chair with his Bible on his lap. He shares speaking time with me and Shirley, he has a men’s Bible study with some fellows from our church, he leads a resident Bible study, he is on the resident council, and he plays BINGO to help a fellow believer that had a stroke. He has always said that the saddest verse for him in the Bible is where the men wasted away in the wilderness (Numbers 14:33). My dad is still bearing fruit in his old age, and proclaiming the goodness of the Lord (Psalm 92:14-15).

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