A Ransomed Soul

I posted this on facebook.  This is a picture of my dad yesterday, sharing the Gospel at the rest home on his 95th birthday. (sorry it is fuzzy)

He accepted the Lord in the winter he turned 19.  He always tells folks, “it is a good salvation.”  He was 7 when his parents were saved while attending a meeting put on by the the American Sunday School Association.  Later that association because Child Evangelism Fellowship.  Yesterday he said, “That was 88 years ago.”





4 thoughts on “A Ransomed Soul

  1. M, He looks very good, actually not that much older then I remember. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Hi Marilyn,

    Your father looks pretty good. My mom told me she is going to live to 100, she is 90. Maybe your dad will make it to 100 or more. He can be on the news. Up to the Lord.



  3. Truly will treasure the picture of your dad. He has meant so much to both of us and still does. Thanks!

    We arrived on schedule inspite of a late take off because of a oil leak on the plane before we took off. But they got it fixed in about 1/2 hr. Gave me a chance to witness to the truth, that I knew God was in Control of my life. I had a few anxious moments, but soon the truth took hold and all calmed down. So we are settled in our temp. home for 2 wks 🙂 Have seen Kevin and Ashley and Derrek, probably not Chris till the weekend. All is well thanks for your prayers. Going to get a shower and read till bedtime. Love, me


  4. Beautiful! !! What a wonderful legacy he has left you. Love you,  DEE 

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