Orchestrated conversation

I have to tell you this marvelous orchestrated conversation.  I will use the initial for the other person.  I got a phone call from N the other evening.  She says: is this Marilyn Adams?  I said: yes in a hesitant way because I didn’t recognize the voice.  N said: I just got a phone call from your dad.  I said: well he is in a rest home and I don’t think he has your number.  N said: but the call came from your phone.  So I gave her my dad’s cell number and encouraged her to call him.  Obviously the Lord was up to something.

N called me dad.  He asked her why she called.  The only thing she could think of was to thank him for the way he had spoken into her life through the years.  He then told her how much he loved the rest home.  He said that some people hate it but he just loved it.  He told her how he was able to share the Lord with others now more than ever in his life.

The next morning N went to church.  She noticed that the pastor’s wife was really down.  N said to to M: you seem really burdened.  M said: yes, I am.  It is time to put my mother-in-law in a rest home.  She needs that kind of help.  I just feel so bad.  So N was able to share with M how she had just talked to a friend and how he loved the rest home.  M also like to share the Lord so she was really encouraged.

I just had to share this with you because I had puzzled over how N got a call from my home phone seeing my dad’s name.  There was no possible way.  Then this morning I saw N’s mom at the grocery store and she told me the “rest of the story” leaving both of us with tears in our eyes.  Only the Lord!!  He truly knows our thoughts before we think them, and He answers before we call.

One thought on “Orchestrated conversation

  1. Only believers who truly understand that our Father will go to great lengths to answer our prayers would recognize this story as the ” Hand of God.” I have often commented on how He has blocked phone calls and text messages that I didn’t need to dialogue with. Thank you for sharing. I am humbled knowing that our loving Father placed you in my life many moons ago to help me navigate through the rough times in my life.
    I love and appreciate your desire to know Him and to share that knowledge with others.
    Your are a beloved friend and sister.

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