2 Free Ebooks

2 newly published ebooks available on Amazon today, Friday, and Saturday.
Anchor Of Hope: steadfast sure and immoveable
This ebook is about hope when your situation looks hopeless. As long as you have breath there is hope. That hope is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our unshakeable and impenetrable Rock. Our hope in Him anchors our mind, will, and emotions when everything is shaking in our lives.
Redeemed Patience: equipping for ministry
The Lord patiently works with us to ground us in His truths that will set us free and keep us free. He designed us with gifts to be expressed in our families, in a local body of believers, and in the market place. He gives us rich insights to navigate through our trails, as well as to encourage those around us. Nothing in our life is in vain. He lovingly redeems it all.

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