Marilyn Update

Hello ~ I have an amazing opportunity.  I will now be using this blog site to write blogs for our local newspaper.  Whatever I write here goes right to the newspaper online blog.  I’ve been writing articles for this newspaper for over 10 years.  Now this.  I’m excited!

So I won’t be advertising my ebooks or the upcoming paperbacks on this blog anymore.  If you don’t want to get these blogs, you can probably take your name off, but you will have to do that.  I really don’t understand the technology part.

If you want me to let you know upcoming things, or you want the short daily devotional posts that I put on facebook, then please email me and I will add you onto that daily email group.

I have been praying for years for ways to broadcast the insights that the Lord gives me.  He has certainly been answering that prayer over the last year.  35 ebooks in 7 months.  Now we are compiling those into 5 paperbacks.   To Him be all the glory.

One thought on “Marilyn Update

  1. I’m not sure I understood all this e-mail. I do not have facebook, but I would like to get your daily blogs to the newspaper. so whatever keeps me informed of your writings, count me in. Thanks a lot. As you know, I don’t know any techs about this computer age. 🙂 let me know if I am still included. By the way, I found the last 6 books you offered, and found that I already have all of them. Maybe I am up to date. How many books have you offered since you started? I think I have about 27 if I counted right. love me


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