One Thought

The Lord taught me something very significant that I want to share with you.  I fell into a hard trial January 2, 2017.  It was right after I had typed 35 short ebooks and published 27 of them in 7 1/2 months.  Three of us were working to compile seven of the ebooks on forgiveness.  I was looking for duplicate verses when everything stopped.

Through this injury I could not see clearly, read anything, drive, work on my computer, think, process, or make decisions.  My emotions were flat line.  How do you not think?  If I tried, my brain would fatigue.  The Lord would bring a phrase from Scripture to my mind.  I would stay in that thought for hours.  Then He would give me another phrase.  As long as He brought it into my mind I could stay in that thought.  Here is an example: my life is hidden with Christ in God; You are my Steadfast Rock that cannot be moved, I am right now being strengthened in and by and through Your word, etc.

We are so prone to dialogue in our minds.  Our flesh loves to rehearse what has happened.  It is a futile pursuit, but a very effective tactic of the enemy to occupy our minds.

When we enter into trials, one way to remain steadfast in faith, is to rehearse God’s word.  His word is all-powerful.  Hebrews 4:12 says that His word penetrates to divide between our soul (mind, will, emotions) and spirit, and that it discerns our heart.

His hidden word is truth that has penetrated into our very soul.  It is truth that we know experientially.  It is His truth that has set us free from past areas of bondage.  We lean on that truth, we speak it in our hearts, and it governs our actions.


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