O Magnify The Lord With Me

I want to tell you about my latest miracle.  My brain dr just confirmed it this morning.

In 1973 I was in a car wreck.  I was going through a left turn light in a huge intersection.  A lady ran the red light.  Hit the right rear side on my car.  The spin-impact caved in my sternum.  I had severe headaches for 7 years until my cranial was adjusted.  I could put my hand sideways in the cave which cradled my little finger and my fourth finger.

Another God-shift!

Wee hours of Friday morning the Lord began shifting my right clavicle and right ribs. Last night at 5:45 I was coloring a book mark.  All of a sudden the Lord began shifting my right ribs.  I had to lay down because I was tensing up from pain.  Then at 11:30 He began shifting again.

This God-shift has brought up the top and the bottom of my sternum, leaving only one little area in the middle still indented.  My dr felt it with amazement this morning.  She just smiled.  She knows only the Lord could bring that kind of change.  I asked her what change it would mean.  She said that it would get oxygen to my brain!!  That I would be able to breathe better.

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together!  Psalm 34:3.  

It is never too late for the Lord to perform a miracle for any one of us.

Our hope is in the LORD and Him alone.

NO ONE could ever have done what He did…46 years later



2 thoughts on “O Magnify The Lord With Me

  1. OH GLORY!
    I am late reading this due to many deadlines. I am so happy for you my friend! I am taking captive the voice of negativity that is trying to discourage me. I needed to read this tonight so I can add it to my arsenal of weapons against the enemy’s darts. Thank you for your faithfulness!


  2. Now I understand why you asked if I was reading your post. GOD is absolutely THE BEST!! J*.L. Hudson-Burton* * MS.ED. L., J.D.*



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