Last Day ~ Free ebook

This is the last day for my FREE ebook: Victorious Heart: intimate communion with God

Exciting news: I have just finished the rough for a new book. It is called He Drew Me Out Of Deep Waters: encouragement for hard trials. It will be a full color paperback with some of my art work in it. It will be a thin book that can easy be given to those in hospitals, rest homes, shut-ins, and those facing impossible circumstances. It is written from my view in the crucible of my own trials.

It has been in my heart since I read a book by Charles Swindoll, called For Those Who Hurt. It was published in 1977. Another book I highly recommend is written by Amy Carmichael ~ (1867-1951).  She was a missionary in India, and had an orphanage of rescued child temple prostitutes.

She wrote Rose From Brier while bedridden. One night, while walking through a field to rescue a little girl, she stepped into an abandoned well. She never recovered from the unrelenting intense pain of a shattered ankle. It is the only book I’ve read that ministered to my heart after I fell head first into a six foot ravine. It is written from her bed of pain to encourage those in pain. It is not a book from the well to the ill, but from the ill to the ill (in Amy’s words).

I’ve written for permission to quote from her book. I have not received an answer yet. In the meantime my book is still in the publication processes. May the Lord draw you into a deeper place of intimacy with Him ~ Marilyn

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