Faith Tested

James 1:3 Amplified says, “Be assured and understand that the the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience.” It takes faith to endure trials. Yet it is faith that is being tested.

Does your trial seems like your faith is being tested to the max? Then it is the Lord bringing up hidden dross so that He can bring out His gift of endurance. Dross is impurity that weakens our faith. Therefore in order for the Lord to bring out endurance, He has to bring up what would sabotage our faith.

Here is one example of an impurity. When you were young you believed a lie of the enemy. It was a fiery dart lie that penetrated and remained hidden. Yet, it seeped into every aspect of your thought life. That lie opposed God’s true nature. Naturally that would affect your faith in Him.

As the impurities are being purged, it may feel like our faith is being shaken. Yet it becomes the entrance into a new phase in our walk with the Lord. He takes out the old to give us the new.

The trapeze artist must let go of the first bar to reach for the oncoming bar. It is the letting go that is the empowerment to reach. Our flesh wants to hold onto the things that are being shaken. The art of endurance is to cling to the Lord.

If we cling to other things rather than the Lord, it will be like a free fall and we will crash at the bottom. Nothing will be gained but loss. The enemy wants you to fail. The Lord has allowed your trial to prove that your faith is genuine and enduring.


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