Heart-Examination Part Two

Yesterday the Lord gave me another chapter to add to my last paperback compilation of seven ebooks. We all need to let the Holy Spirit give us a heart-examination. We cannot examine it ourselves because we don’t have the ability to access what we have hidden.
He asks us probing questions that press up against the hidden. They evoke an emotional response. We feel the emotion of the hidden pain which facilitates our answer.
Here is the question He asked me, so I ask you. What is your core felt-need? I have polled several of my friends. The answer comes quickly. Here are a few of many which I have included in my chapter. “To belong to someone who loves me; why am I still here?; I’m a question with no answer.”
Here is the next paragraph after the question. “How do we process the unmet felt needs? That is a great question. The word ‘process’ is the operative word. It is not a bandage or a quick fix. The Holy Spirit patiently trains our heart in righteousness. He builds a foundation of trust so that we will willingly follow Him. He never leads us into darkness, but rather leads us from darkness into true light. He shines His light in the dark corner of our heart where the pain is buried and leads us out of that bondage into emotional freedom.”
When we ask the Lord for wisdom, He gives us His perspective. He sees everything clearly. Our present trial is only a speck in the big picture that He sees of our life–from before conception and throughout eternity. Maybe that is why Paul used the words ‘our light affliction’ in 2 Corinthians 4:17

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