Our True Design Part Two

We have such an amazing body. Understatement! The Lord has everything in place for our bodies to live, adapt, and thrive. This morning I want to focus on our digestive system, and relate it spiritually.
When we are in fight or flight because of danger, our digestion system diminishes or shuts down in order to allow our body to concentrate on the need at the moment. Our heart rate and our breathing increases.
Thoughts of fear, worry, or anxiety still create the fight or flight reaction even though there is no danger. As we continue to entertain, rehearse, and loop these negative emotions, we are compromising our digestion. Our gut is the seat of our emotions. Have you ever had a gut feeling? Have you ever had a stomach ache when you were tense with fear, anxiety, or worry?
Now let’s connect our physical digestion with our spiritual. Poor digestion can result in malabsorption issues. Here is a paragraph in a book I’m working on: Victorious Living.
The digesting begins with the chewing. In the spiritual, we begin to digest His word as we meditate on it. We carefully chew each thought until we have a better understanding. As we begin, the Holy Spirit empowers. It is not our effort, it is His working the word that will transform our way of thinking.
Malabsorption occurs when the food we eat is not digested. The nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, etc. are not absorbed and processed as God designed our body to function.
Spiritual malabsorption is described in James 1:21-25. Verse 21 uses the word ‘implanted’ to help us understand the other verses. Verse 23 says, “For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer…” He used the picture of a man who looked into a mirror but did not discern who he really was.
Verse 25 says, “But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it…” That is the key to absorbing the transforming power of God’s word.

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