The Harrow Of Repentance Part Two

I encourage you to take the fallow areas in your heart before the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to show you the truth that will neutralize and destroy the power of the lies you have believed.

Ask Him to take His harrow and pulverize the dried up, hard pan soil that has perpetuated the lies, break up the entanglement of weeds, and plow deep to expose any rocks that would keep the new seeds from maturing. Joel 1:17 says, “The seed shrivels under the clods…”

Let me make a note. The Lord’s ways are far higher than our ways. We may not recognize how He is going to answer our prayer. Here is how I pray: Lord, I ask You to help me recognize what You are doing so that I do not resist Your ways.

Until we yield our fallow ground areas to His harrow, we will remain unchanged. Inner transformation is a work of the Holy Spirit. We cannot do it in our own strength.

The Holy Spirit brought up another area of fallow ground. Clutter. Two days ago I had a phone call asking for help with clutter. Yesterday I had an email about the subject. Obviously the Lord is wanting this issue addressed openly. The fruit of a cluttered life is a cluttered mind.

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