Drinking Deeply Part Two

Psalm 107:9 says, “For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.”

In the 1970’s I read a book that radically changed my life. I had no idea that I was thirsty, but I was spiritually parched. Nothing satisfied. My heart was awakened as I read “Pursuit Of God” by A. W. Tozer.

I was drawn into his prayers at the end of each chapter. They were words like this: I long to long for You more. They were words of intense longing to have more than what he already had.

For me, I had nothing. I had stuffed my emotional pain and ignored it. My ‘longer’ had been silenced. I didn’t know it was still in my unconscious, screaming out for release.

I kept myself so busy that I didn’t have ears to hear my weeping heart. If I had, I wouldn’t have known what to do. As I began to make A. W. Tozer’s prayers my own, something inside began changing. It was an awakening that was like a tight rose bud opening to the sun.

Asking the Lord to give me a desire to desire Him began a whole new segment of my salvation. I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior in 1958. I didn’t know about intimacy with Him until 1977. I had fallen head first into a six foot ravine and was bedridden. Flat on my back, no longer able to stay busy, He began to open my heart.

He wooed me from a slumbering believer to one who clung to Him with refusal to let go. I love Psalm 63:1-8. It became my daily prayer. Verse 8 in the Amplified says, “My whole being follows hard after You and clings closely to You; Your right hand upholds me.”

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