FREE ebook (3) days

FREE EBOOK today, Monday, and Tuesday on Amazon. Also available now in paperback. If you are stuck in unforgiveness–gift it to yourself, or to someone you know has not broken free.

Here is the back cover: It hurts to be rejected. Broken relationships are like a battlefield of crushed spirits. Wanting to be loved is a felt-need that often finds us in compromising relationships. How can our heart be free? 

In this book you will find practical application to God’s specific words about forgiving as we have been forgiven. It may seem impossible, but His word fully equips us to forgive those who have deeply wounded our heart.

Unforgiveness gives the enemy of our soul little rooms in our heart. Those rooms are full of bitter memories that eat away our health one thought at a time. It is time to take back those rooms and fill them with God’s word, and increase our capacity to hold His truths in our hearts.

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