Prioritized Answer

In 2 Chronicles 1 God appeared to King Solomon with a question. Verse 7 says, “…Ask! What shall I give you?” Solomon’s answer was his top priority. He answered without hesitation. Verse 9-10 says, “…You have made me king over a people like the dust of the earth in multitude. Now give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people; for who can judge this great people of Yours?”

God then spoke in verse 11 which says, “…Because this was in your heart…” What was in the king’s heart? I believe we can take our answer from Proverbs 4:3. It says, “When I was my father’s son…” Here is what David taught him. Verse 4-5 says, “…Let your heart retain my words; keep my commands, and live. Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth…”

Apparently Solomon did take David’s word into his heart. When God asked His question, Solomon’s answer bubbled right up. Let us apply this to our hearts. What is in your heart? What would your prioritized answer be when the Lord says to you: Ask! What shall I give you?

Our answer would reveal the depth or the shallowness of our relationship with the Lord. Matthew 6:33 gives us a ruler to rightly gauge our answer. It says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

What did God add to Solomon’s request? 2 Chronicles 1:12 says, “Wisdom and knowledge are granted to you; and I will give you riches and wealth and honor, such as none of the kings have had who were before you, nor shall any after you have the like.” God knows what to add. It is His pleasure to give good gifts to His children. Therefore we are wise to give Him that place and wait for His best.

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