God’s Way Is Perfect

I love Psalm 18:30. It says, “As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.” Yesterday morning our pastor was speaking from Romans 9. He reminded us that in all things God is perfect. Some He allows sickness, and some health. Yet in both He is perfect in all of His ways.

Even though we may make our own wilderness through disobedience, He will use it in His perfect way. Psalm 18:32 says, “It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.” Nothing is in vain in God’s economy. He will do whatever it takes to conform us to His image.

Yesterday I read Philemon and Esther. In each book I read of God’s miraculous way. He doesn’t change His ways to fit our situation. Rather, He changes us to fit His ways.

As I ate my breakfast this morning I was dwelling in His Presence. I was thanking Him for His perfect way through my trials. He intercepted my thoughts with this: when you don’t know, stand in what you do know. So profound.

God uses everything in our lives. He perfectly orchestrates times, people, circumstances, spiritual barrenness, or mountain top experiences. In Psalm 138:8 David said, “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever…” To perfect means to fulfill. As we face what we don’t know in our nation, may we stand steadfast in what we do know about the Lord.

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