God Fulfills His Word

King Solomon built the temple. It took seven years. His own house took 13 years. Hmm. All the temple stones were quarried away from the building site.

In Solomon’s ceremonial speech, He reiterated to the people how that it was in David’s heart to build the temple. 1 Kings 8:20 says, “So the Lord has fulfilled His word which He spoke; and I have filled the position of my father David…”

In his prayer of dedication He first acknowledged the Lord. Verse 23 says, “…there is no God in heaven above or on earth below like You, who keep Your covenant and mercy with Your servants who walk before You with all their hearts.”

Verse 24 says, “You have kept what You promised Your servant David my father; You have both spoken with Your mouth and fulfilled it with Your hand, as it is this day.”

What God has spoken, He will fulfill with His hand. That takes us to a Psalm that David wrote. Psalm 31:15 says, “My times are in Your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies, and from those who persecute me.”

We are in God’s hands. Compare His hands to the hands of our enemies. There is no contest. John 10:28 says, “And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My Father’s hand.”

The atrocities in the dark, that have been continually exposed through His light, are not a surprise to the Lord. We must stand in His word. His Light will continue to expose and shake the dark deeds like a dog shakes a rag. Only what He knows will remain in this country will not be shaken out.

I love to quote Psalm 63:8 in the Amplified. Other translations say my soul. Capture these words for yourself. “My whole being follows hard after You and clings closely to You; Your right hand upholds me.”

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