Resiliency is the capability to recover quickly from difficulties. Resiliency brings these words to my mind: flexibility, pliability, plasticity, durability. They all translate to endurance. Hebrews 10:36 says, “For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise. The Greek word for endurance is humpomone. 

Here is Strong’s definition: constancy, perseverance, continuance, bearing up, steadfastness, holding out, and patient endurance. From a note in my Bible that I cherish: It describes the capacity to continue to bear up under difficult circumstances, not with a passive complacency, but with a hopeful fortitude that actively resists weariness and defeat.

Years ago I read a book called The Hurricane. It had a scene in it that I have not forgotten. It took place in Hawaii during a hurricane. The natives strapped themselves to a certain tree that could bend and not break. As the winds bent the tree, the folks tied to it bent also. It kept them from being blown away. Evan Roberts was the young man the Lord used to start the revival in Wales. His prayer: Lord bend me.

Are you resilient when broadsided with a hard trial? Are you so tied to the Lord that you can bend and endure? I often flee to Psalm 71:1-3. These eternal words anchor me. It says, “In You, O Lord, I put my trust; let me never be put to shame. Deliver me in Your righteousness, and cause me to escape; incline Your ear to me, and save me. Be my strong refuge, to which I may resort continually; You have given the commandment to  save me, for You are my rock and my fortress.”

Who or what is your refuge in times of trouble? The Lord says, ‘Come to Me’ when you are burdened and heavy laden with the cares of this life. We often carry a burden that is not ours to carry. We languish under what we perceive to be impossible. I want to take the mystery out of intimate communion with the Lord. 

Years ago I read “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. He was a 17th century monk. He would be singing to the Lord as he was washing pots and pans. He would be so filled with joy, that he would stop and dance before the Lord. Julian of Norwich was another that I read. “Revelations of Divine Love.” She was imprisoned in a dark dungeon. The conditions were horrendous. Yet, her relationship with the Lord helped her rise above the filth and vermin to focus on Him alone. He truly was her Sustenance. Both of their relationships with the Lord were far beyond me. I had no grid for them. However, they both started out as we can.

We simply acknowledge the Lord. He is Always Present. Yet when we take the time to be still before Him, we enter into intimate communion. It is Heart embracing heart. Our deepest longings connect to the Lover Of Our Soul. John 15:1-8 is the portion of Scripture about abiding. We commune with the Lord through His word. Verse 5 reminds us that apart from Him we can do nothing. Abiding is the soil that nourishes our spiritual roots. His words flow over us like cleansing water. Every breath we take we are breathing in His Presence. However, in abiding, we are living in that expression of His life-giving words.

John 15:7 Amplified says, “If you live in Me (abide vitally united to Me) and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.” As we cling to Him, our heart begins to beat with His heart. His desire becomes our own. He makes His will and His ways known to us. Psalm 25:14 Amplified says, “The secret (of the sweet, satisfying companionship) of the Lord have they who fear (revere and worship) Him, and He will show them His covenant and reveal to them its (deep, inner) meaning.”

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