Mountain Versus Molehill

I have molehills in my backyard. Little mounds of freshly dug up earth by an unseen creature. There is an interesting verse in Zechariah. Remember that our giant is a mindset absent of faith. The mountain-mindset stands as an obstacle to block our pathway of spiritual progress. It is a lie that just seems mountainous.

Our battle is with our flesh. It requires spiritual warfare. Zechariah 4:6 says, “…This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” 

Verse 7 in the Amplified says, “For who are you, O great mountain (of human obstacles)? …you shall become a plain (a mere molehill)! And he shall bring forth the finishing gable stone (of the new temple) with loud shoutings of the people, crying, Grace, grace to it!”

John 1:16 Amplified says, “For out of His fullness (abundance) we have all received (all had a share and we were all supplied with) one grace after another and spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing and even favor upon favor and gift (heaped) upon gift.”

I love to picture the wording as one on top of the other. It is through grace that we are saved through faith. It is the same grace that we have available to face our mountain-obstacles. Giants that tower over us through our thoughts, are mere molehills when viewed through grace.

Mark 11:23 says, “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, Be removed and be cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things which he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”

Do you believe this verse? Do you see the towering mountain-obstacles in your life through these words? When we wield God’s word, the sword of the Spirit, we are fully armed to take out our giant.

Habakkuk 3:19 Amplified says, “The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk (not to stand still in terror, but to walk) and make (spiritual) progress upon my high places (of trouble, suffering, or responsibility)!”

Whatever your giant is, it can be felled through God’s word. Nothing can stand against His applied truth. John 8:31-32 gives us God’s condition in setting us free. It says, “…If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

The condition is abiding. John 15:4 Amplified says, “…Just as no branch can bear fruit of itself without abiding in (being vitally untied to) the vine, neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in Me.” It is through our intimate communion with the Lord, that He gives us His specific word that will fell our giant.

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