Recovering All

In 2018 I had a fraudulent charge on my credit card. It was my error. I was working on my computer and this notice came across my screen that I needed to immediately call Apple (I have a MAC). I didn’t know how to get the notice off my screen so I called. I have many times shared my screen with Apple because it is easier than having them try to explain something to me. I’m a visual learner.

I should have… Ever had ‘should have’s’ in your life? I didn’t realize what was happening until I got a phone call later in the evening asking for my credit card. Long story short. The Lord reminded me of all this when I woke up the next morning. I went into my bank account and could not get in. They had changed my sign in, but had not yet figured out my password. The bank stepped in and stopped the whole thing.

Had I immediately inquired of the Holy Spirit when my screen was blocked out, it would have saved me a lot of hassle. Every time we encounter a new obstacle in our path, we need to stop and ask the Holy Spirit what to do.

We can take another lesson from the life of David. I love this passage in 2 Samuel 5:17-25. Two exact same scenes, yet David specifically inquired of the Lord for each. It is far too easy to fall back on some way that the Lord delivered us before. His mercies are new every morning. Every situation we encounter has His unique way of deliverance. That is where trust comes in.

Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” David listened and then did exactly as the Lord instructed. That is what brought the breakthrough in the battle with the Philistines (which speak of our flesh).

Our flesh is what causes us to veer off the path the Holy Spirit is leading us on. We ‘think’ that we know what to do. Psalm 23:3 says, “…He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” That path of righteousness is working God’s will and ways into our thought processes which then affects how we walk.

2 Samuel 5:18 says that the Philistines had deployed themselves. David asked the Lord if he should go up against them. The Lord told him to and that He would deliver them. There was a great breakthrough. David named the place Baal Perazim. He said in verse 20, “…The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water…”

In verse 22 the Philistines again deployed themselves. Same scene, but David stopped and inquired of the Lord. This time his instructions were totally different. Verses 23-24 are my ‘go to’ verses. It says, “…You shall not go up, circle around behind them, and come upon them in front of the mulberry trees. And it shall be when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then you shall advance quickly…” Waiting is a trial that reveals any hidden flesh.

When we don’t wait, we veer off God’s chosen path. Verse 24 continued…”For then the Lord will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines.” When we wait for the Holy Spirit to lead us in our battle to recover all, He will then expose our fleshly stronghold so that we can defeat and destroy it.

We are never to go out without Him leading us. That only causes us to act independently and sin. We cannot walk in the dark. We are children of light. The Holy Spirit leads us into the light that illuminates what has been hidden. Only He knows where and what. 

Waiting, watching, listening for the sound to advance. Not moving until the Lord says to move tries our faith. Will we continue to wait? Saul didn’t wait and he lost his kingdom. We will forfeit the moment of opportunity that the Lord has set up if we are not attentive. Years ago my pastor wrote me a little note: seize the opportunity in the moment of the opportunity. 

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