Navigating Distractions

Distractions are part of life. They seem to always interrupt what we had intended to do. However we can repurpose them by using them as a signal. Making our quiet time our priority may create unnecessary distractions. I learned to keep a notebook to write down the things that came to my mind that needed to be done (but not right at that moment). That way they didn’t stay in mind to distract me.

Have you ever sat down for your quiet time and something happens to pull you off track? I think of Susana Wesley. She was the 25th child in her family.  She gave birth to 19 children. Several died in infancy. In a busy house, and in a very busy life being a pastor’s wife, she taught her children to respect her quiet time.

The children could be playing around her. Yet, when they saw her put her apron over her head and keel down, they adjusted what they were doing. What an amazing example for all of us. Her priority was to put the Lord first, and in that priority she taught her children to honor the Lord.

I do not recall when my quiet time became my priority. It is my reset button for the day. It is my compass. My quiet time is not structured. I remember in 1997 when I had purchased an older mobile. It was within minutes from my church where I worked. I had the luxury of spending my first three hours with the Lord. 

I spent one hour worshipping, one hour praying, and one hour in silence. In the midst of those segments, I would turn to verses that the Holy Spirit brought to mind, and write down the rich insights that He gave me. It was during those years that He gave me new songs that really encouraged my heart.

I remember after a few of those rich years, the Lord took me into a dormant season. I called my landscaping friend to ask him to help me understand that time. I so missed what I had with the Lord. I was in an uncharted season. His words encouraged me.

Perhaps you feel that you are in a drought season with the Lord. Tom’s words to me are timeless because the Lord is the Tiller of our heart’s soil. He doesn’t change. Tom said that the roots are still very active, gathering food from the soil.  He said the dormant time is the time the soil needs nitrogen which is immediate food.  He just encouraged me to remain, because dormancy brings stability, growth, and future beauty.










Here is a new song from that time. May it encourage your heart to set a priority time to spend with the Lord and with Him alone.

Womb of the Morning

I come to You O Lord in the womb of the morning. To sit and worship You and call upon Your name. You answer me with a sweetness that melts my heart. And opens me to receive Your words.

Your words like oil penetrate the places in my heart that were hardened through fear. You say My child don’t be afraid. I’ve been there all along to shield and protect. Let go of that which you clutch so tight. That I might fulfill the deepest longings of your heart.

Don’t let the cares of this life choke out My words. Open your heart to hear the beat of My own heart. I desire oneness with you but I won’t compete with that to which you give yourself. I will but wait until you tire of your own pursuits.  And nestle down in My love.

Be still now and quiet your heart before Me. I have so much to share to reveal the  depths of My counsel. For in Me is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. I have all and hold all. Through the power of My Word.

In Me you will lack nothing. Your very sustenance comes through sweet communion. Through intimacy that cannot be broken. Nothing in this earth can compare with My beauty of holiness. In the womb of the morning.

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