Truth Crowds Out Lies

Truth crowds out the lies. The truths I implanted applied the pressure needed to push the controlling lies to the surface. Years ago I met the mother of a friend who had just come through a flood in her town. I’ll never forget her words. “Marilyn, you should have seen it. 100 year old trees just uprooted and began to float in the flood waters.”

God’s words of truth will ferret out hidden lies. When we flood our heart with His word, the rooted lies will break loose and come to the surface without a fight. They lose their controlling power when they are exposed to the light.

Hidden lies are buried only until His truth in us becomes the tool to dig them out. Mark 4:22 bears this out. It says, “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to the light.”

Truth is the Light that draws our heart out of darkness. Truth is Jesus, and He is the Light that dispels all darkness. All of satan’s lies came from darkness and hide in darkness. In John 8:44 Jesus told the folks that the devil was the father of lies.

There is a booklet called, “My Heart Christ’s Home” by Robert Boyd Munger. I read it years ago, but have not forgotten the impact it had on me. There is one part where Jesus wants to look into a closet. The heart is reluctant. Why? There are hidden things that it doesn’t want to deal with. Are there subjects you skirt? Are there dark places in your heart that cause you to deflect, dismiss, or ignore?

Do you feel like you are screaming in your heart but no noise comes out of your mouth? I have a chapter in my first book, “Freedom! From Past Hurts” that addresses the silent scream. I wrote about that from my personal experiences. It’s in the chapter called, “Concealed Rage.”

The buried emotional pain clammers to be heard. I picture it as locked in a dark dungeon in a heart. The book is copyrighted (2000), but since I wrote it I want to give you a paragraph.

Buried hurts are harbored and trapped in our hearts like prisoners in a dungeon. When hurts are hidden, the light is blocked from bringing freedom. Jesus wants to heal. Isaiah 42:7 says that He comes, “…to bring out prisoners from the prison, those who sit in darkness from the prison house.”

Buried emotional pain is a lie. It isn’t buried. It continually seeps into our thought processes. It needs to be accepted as real. It did happen. Then confessed as sin because we have concealed it. Then renounced so the truth can fill its place as the sentinel over your heart. Experiential truth sets us free!

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