Regaining Ground

Ephesians 4:27 says about letting the sun go down on our anger, “Nor give place to the devil.” ‘Place’ means an opportunity. It is not only the matter of anger, but it pertains to any unresolved issue that we buried.

It leaves the devil an opportunity to occupy real estate in our heart. It affects thoughts, actions, attitudes, and habitual behavioral patterns. Graph out your heart on a piece of paper by drawing squares.

The object is to take each square before the Lord. Ask Him to show you any unresolved issue in your life. Then ask Him to show you ways that have allowed the enemy to occupy that ground in your heart.

In each square you can write areas where ground has been given through various means. Here are a few: abusive home life, angry, divorced, or adulterous parents, rejection, angry siblings, friends, spouse, drug use, self-hatred, abortion, and the list can go on.

Many years ago I had a 65 year old woman come up to me after I had spoken. She wanted me to help her with an unresolved issue. She and her fiancee, whom she loved very much, were walking in a park together. She was gang raped in front of him. All those years it had festered.

What ground had been given over was reclaimed and she was set free. It took forgiveness at many levels. She was so mortified that she refused to marry the man she truly loved. She married someone else. She had lived with regret.

Once you identify the unresolved areas in your own life, it is essential to first confess it as sin. We have a great High Priest. He already knows what we buried. He desires for us to acknowledge and confess it so it can be released. We will continue this tomorrow.

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