When Your Way Is Blocked

I had another really great lesson in store for me upon waking many years ago. The Holy Spirit put this thought into my mind with His definition for frustration. God intercepting my way to redirect me into His way.

That day was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. My way was blocked repeatedly. Each time I rehearsed the thought He gave me. In the afternoon I was driving to my appointment. The road was blocked on both sides. Traffic backed up for miles because of an accident.

My lane finally opened up. I started my car and this tell tale steam rose up from my radiator. I pulled off at the next road to the right. It was in front of a small post office. I went in and called my doctor’s office to tell them what happened. 

As I walked back to my car an older gentleman held up a water bottle. He offered to put the water in and then told me to wait a little while for my car to cool off. I waited while thinking of His definition to frustration.

I knew the Lord was up to something but at that point I didn’t know what. When I finally started back home, the Holy Spirit told me to go right (instead of left). There were several other blocks to navigate. Here is the short version.

It was getting late so I stopped at a restaurant to eat supper. As I walked in, there to my left was a family from Costa Rica. I did not know they were in our country until right then. He said,   “Marilyn, I wanted to call you this morning.” It was a great reunion. 

Does your flesh react when your way is blocked? Our flesh is noisy. If we don’t silence it, we will not be open and sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. 


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