Prayer Of Thankfulness

As I stepped onto my trampoline this morning, I looked at my parent’s pictures. I thanked the Lord again for them, but it continued in my mind. I want to share this with you as an example, and encourage you to thank the Lord for your own life~good, bad, and ugly.

Father God, thank You for all the myriad events You orchestrated in my life. You have been in charge from the moment You placed my tiny seed of conception into my mother’s womb until now. Nothing has taken place except what You preordained to happen.

Everything has been essential and strategic ~ the sum total of who I am today. Not one nuance of rejection nor any traumatic event has been in vain. The hardships and pressures always came through Your loving hands. They were absolutely essential to fulfill Your purpose for my life.

In my lack of understanding, I have not always been grateful. My hidden rebellion resisted Your work time and time again. I marvel now at Your grace, mercy, unending love, and patience. Thank You for Your forgiveness. I have often sinned against You through my evil heart of unbelief. Thank You for eternally separating me from my sins~as far as the east is from the west.

Thank You for being the Perfect One~filling in where others failed to exemplify You. Their sins crushed my spirit, and I allowed resentment seeds to flourish. Thank You for setting me free from years of self-hatred and self-rejection. Jesus’ shed blood has cleansed me from the stain of all sins done against me, as well as my own. Lord Jesus, I am grateful beyond words. My life is truly Yours.


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