Fears That Keep Us Bound

This morning the Holy Spirit brought a picture into my mind. It was from the book, “Gulliver’s Travels” that I saw as a child. The only part I remember was of a giant of a man. He had been bound by an army of little people, with what looked like threads.

Then these words came, and I got up to write them in my notebook. Don’t let the fears from your past hold you down. They are only ‘threads of fear’ that you have entertained in your mind. Well that certainly gives us great perspective.

Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” If we think that the fears from our past are still binding us~they are. Fears that we entertain in our mind from our past is an insider enemy stronghold.

I was fixing my lunch and thinking about this devotional. In my mind I heard, “Stop the rehearsal, the main actor is missing.” This can go in myriad directions, but I’m addressing it in context to our past. Each time we rehearse something from our past in our mind, we are leaving out the present.

We cannot focus on the past and the present at the same time. One excludes the other. Five minutes ago is now our past. Five minutes ahead of us is the future. Only the Lord knows what that holds.


3 thoughts on “Fears That Keep Us Bound

  1. Thank you, Marilyn. I have been following your blog for over a year now. It can only be the work of the Holy Spirit using your topics, Scriptures and words of wisdom through your blog helping me in my life. Each morning, I read your blog and sure enough, many times, it was a word fitly spoken to my heart for that day and for a specific struggle.
    May God continue to bless your ministry.
    In Christ,


    1. Hi Carol. Yes, the Holy Spirit’s timing always delights and amazes me. I’ve typed my devotionals through October 28. Coming up is a lesson He taught me through a little bird. So fascinating to follow Him ~ may the Lord continue to give you insights to navigate through your life ~ Marilyn


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