Fasting To Feast

I have a friend who used to break his food fast by eating a huge pizza. I would always cringe. Fasting empties ~ feasting fills. The title to this devotional came this morning as I was praying for wisdom for someone I was counseling.

The Holy Spirit was not talking about fasting from food, but rather fasting from certain thoughts. Conversely He was not talking about feasting on food, but rather on the word of God. When our thoughts are centered on negativity, rather than the Lord, then it is time to fast from them.

We fast from all defeating, negative, condemning, critical, judgmental (self and others) thoughts. Thoughts that increase our worry that cause anxiety, doubt, fear, and unbelief. We feast on God’s word that undergirds and strengthens our faith. We feast on verses that affirm who we are in Christ, and that warm our heart towards others. 

Another way we feast is through memorizing and meditating on His word. Our intention is to fill our heart reservoir so that we can easily turn them into prayers. The Lord loves to hear His word spoken back to Him. 

Let me give you one example from my own life. I love Psalm 63:8 in the Amplified. I allow the words from my reservoir to first embrace an expression of longing. “Lord, I am following hard after You. I’m clinging with refusal to let go.” May we all enter into this art of fasting to feast.


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