Praise Massages Our Heart

Here is a new song called, I Will Praise You

I praise You for Your mighty love. I praise You for Your grace. Without You I am nothing. With You I am emboldened in Your power

I face each foe with Your sword in my hand. I whack the lies to pieces. In faith I confidently stand. Having done all to stand I remain standing

My strength is found in You. You are the Rock in which I hide. You fight my battles as Your peace within abides. My joy is Your sustaining gift that will not be taken away

It remains so I can rejoice in You no matter what may come to be. In You I am secure. You are the anchor of my soul. I rest in You steadfast and immovable

The tempestuous waves may crash against me. In You I am safe from harm. In You I live and move and have my being. Dwelling in You I am sealed for eternity

A good massage is designed to break up tight muscles, restore circulation, and release toxins. Let’s take this into the spiritual. Worry, fear, anger, anxiety, and indecision all cause toxic stress that tightens our muscles. Our heart constricts, and we jam up the way our body is designed to function.

Praise takes our focus off our circumstances onto the Lord. As we lift up our voice in praise, our heart is massaged. Tensions melt as we praise the One Who is worthy. The moment we praise Him, like the singers in 2 Chronicles 20:22, our taunting enemy’s attempts are defeated.


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