Purposeful Pursuit ~ Part One

My mind goes back to A. W. Tozer. If you have not read “Pursuit Of God” I encourage you to do so. He was a man who prepared his heart through his prayers. Say this, “Lord, I desire to desire You” and see how that awakens your heart.

Here is part of a new song about purposeful pursuit: Womb of the Morning

I come to You O Lord in the womb of the morning. To sit and worship You and call upon Your name. You answer me with a sweetness that melts my heart. And opens me to receive Your words.

Your words like oil penetrate the places in my heart that were hardened through fear. You say My child don’t be afraid. I’ve been there all along to shield and protect. Let go of that which you clutch so tight. That I might fulfill the deepest longings of your heart.


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