Bandages Versus Scalpel

I just typed this to a mentee. Then paused and thought about it. “Until we deal with root causes, all other self-coping methods are just bandages that cover the emotional infection.” What happens when infections are ignored? They become systemic.

How do we know if we have an emotional infection? The puss of bitterness oozes out of our words and attitudes. Does bitterness ooze from something in your past? It is time to remove the bandages and apply the scalpel of God’s word ~ piercing into the center of the infection so healing can begin.

It all starts with our thoughts. In truth, everything does. Our hearts were designed for communication with the Lord. They are the center of our beliefs. What we believe about God affects our communication with Him and with others. 

Our hearts are to be a deep refreshing reservoir of verses that we have hidden there. If we misuse our hearts, they can become a cesspool of contaminating thoughts. What is your inner dialogue like?


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