Breaking Self-Chains ~ Part One

Nothing in our past can hold us captive, except in our thoughts! Nothing. WE chain our own heart to our past through our thoughts. Prisoner’s are chained as they are transported from one location to another.

Jesus’ ministry was stated clearly in Luke 4:18. Here is one part of it ~ He came to set the captives free. What recurring thoughts have chained your heart to your past? Do you have a record of wrongs that play over and over in your mind?

Though this verse was written about Gomer, you can apply this to the troubles from your past. Please read it carefully. Hosea 2:15 says, “…the Valley of Achor as a door of hope; she shall sing there…” The Valley of Achor was a place of trouble for Achan and his family because of his sin. Joshua 7:10-26. Breaking self-chains is all about inner transformation.


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