The Process of Release

The Holy Spirit showed me something this morning that I want to share with you.  It is a personal experience of release through meditating on Psalm 40:1.  I assigned this verse to our Inner Peace class on Thursday.  One of gals emailed me.  She was excited because she looked up the meaning of inclined.  One of the definitions is to listen favorably.

I was meditating on the second phrase, “…and He inclined to me…”  I coupled that with listening favorably, and realized afresh that He listens to my heart!  I continued to mediate as I went to sleep.  The next morning I was still delighting that He hears my heart.  He broke through that thought by revealing a deep inner pain I had stuffed as a child.  I was a chatter box.  When my parents had enough, they would tell me to be quiet.  My constant chatter bothered my parents.  He showed me that I believed they rejected me for who I was.  I stuffed the pain, and entered a silent world of make believe to survive.

Through mediating on His word, He revealed the hidden in my unconscious.  I forgave my parents, asked Him to forgive me, and He initiated the release.  It was as though He pulled me up from somewhere deep.  He broke the lie that I had believed that I was a bother.  He affirmed that He delights when I express myself to Him.  He reminded me of Psalm 62:8, “Trust Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”

The release began as I meditated on a truth that opposed a lie I had believed.  The lie affected my interaction with the Lord and others.  His word is alive, and powerful.  It is sharp and able to penetrate the deepest parts of our unconscious.  His desire is for our freedom.

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