Last night I was reading “Tramp For The Lord” by Corrie Ten Boom.  It was after the war and she had come to America as a missionary.  She was destitute and alone.  No one was asking her to speak.  She read Psalm 147:11 which says, “The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His mercy.”  She said, “It was a thin web–a tiny filament–stretching from heaven to my little room on 190th Street in New York.  I fell asleep holding onto it with all my strength.”  I love her word picture.  The next day the Lord opened doors for her.

I meditated on that verse last night.  He reminded me that the Hebrew word is “hesed” so I looked it up this morning.  It means: His persistent, unconditional tenderness, kindness, and mercy.  Jeremiah remembered that God’s mercies were new every morning.  Everything in his life seemed hopeless, but God’s mercies remained.  His mercy endures forever!

2 thoughts on “Hesed

  1. Hi Marilyn, I really have missed you. But I did like your words on ‘Hesed’ today. I too, liked the word picture she gave of holding on to the promise about His mercy. Sometimes, I have also felt like that. I have enjoyed Derrek’s visit, but for some reason have also had a hard time with my mind and emotions. And so the filament line of His grace and persistent kindness has been real to me of late. I suppose there are several reasons why, but probably mainly, I just couldn’t seem to relax and know that He was God and not me. I wanted to see that he had a good time and he is so quiet and a loner, that I felt I was always failing. No cause from him, just my own insecurity I guess. I would have spurts tho’ when I was o.k. It has been good for him to be here, but I sure will miss him when he is gone which will be tomorrow. 😦 He is NOT talkative and maybe there is a reason for my thinking I am not being what I should be. I needed to be ‘just me’ and not try so hard to feel like I was a help to him. So I am praying for God to use the time in HIS way! We will probably leave around 8:30 a.m. tomorrow to go us Plenty of time since the plane flies out at 11:40 I think it is. We are able to go with him to the actually gate since he is still considered a minor flying alone. I’m glad about that. We have not done much since he has been here, tried once to fish, but no luck. It has been so hot to me, that I couldn’t think of much to do and when the evenings cool off, it still didn’t cool off much. I have enjoyed less TV because for awhile, we could not watch that and have the A/C on in the trailer. Good 🙂 He and Phil have played lots of checkers because Phil still thinks he can win once in awhile…ha ha. My brother, Marvin, found an old electric ice cream freezer in their garage and have given it to me. I was going to buy one. So tonight as a farewell, we are getting together with John and M. and Judy here for ice cream. I hope it turns out. Won’t start until about 6;30. I have a nice thick-glass patio table they also gave me and my new umbrella fits it fine. (in the middle) Still no other shade to help out, but we will make out when the evenings cool down faster. Guess this is about all. Please pray for a safe flight for him and a safe drive for us and his mom when she picks him up. I decided I don’t care that much for freeway driving anymore. 🙂 Would we be able to visit your dad where he is? hope that continues to go well. love me


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