Priceless process

I just wrote this in my journal, which is going to be part of my next teaching.  Two days ago I wrote out James 1:3 in the Amplified which says, “Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith BRING OUT endurance and steadfastness and patience.”
Endurance and steadfastness and patience is fruit from our trials that glorifies Him.  In all times bearing fruit.  If it wasn’t for the trial, we would not have fruit.  There is one more part.  Acceptance.  The oyster accepts the irritation.  It’s the irritation that releases the secretion that over time makes the pearl.  It is the process that the Lord values in our lives.  The priceless process.

One thought on “Priceless process

  1. I love when the Lord affirms what He has been teaching us with hearing it from someone else. In reading this, I felt just that way, for thoughts such as these have been running in my mind as well. Recently I had to download a free “trial” offer for a program I needed on-line. In reply I received this message in my in-box…..”Welcome to your trial….let’s get started!” A smile suddenly came to me as I thought….”sounds like God saying….welcome to this trial, so let US get started on it”. 🙂 I know the word trial did not have the same definition, but the message was clear to me. Yes, it is through the trials of life that lessons are learned—those producing endurance and steadfastness. I like Marilyn’s words that refer to the process of the oyster—–the pearl is not formed immediately, but over time as the secretion builds up around the irritation. So with us, faith, endurance, quietness and confidence BUILD as we continue on through the trial we face. And indeed, it is not our work alone, but only as we let the Lord work through us and in us that the fruit is ripened. So ‘welcome to your ‘trial’. You will be glad you did! 🙂


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